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The Italian website specifically dedicated to the non-ferrous metals and steel markets. Planned and built on a new model, it is characterized by the extreme simplicity and the immediate availability of the services, therefore offering an essential and concrete support in the daily works to all the professional operators working in theese areas.

Since April 1, 2015 Metal on Market joins Cell-Data International, creating a major player in this sector in Europe and the first-ever in Italy.
The services have been unified by the date indicated and are provided through the site (you will be redirected on this site in case of log-in in the pages on Metal on Market).
Contact us in order to have more information on the merger.

LME quotations

London Metal Exchange real/delayed time quotations service accessible via web or smartphone.

Steel price quotations real or delayed time

The London Metal Exchange launched two regional futures contracts on 28/04/2008 for steel, one for the Mediterranean area and one for the Far East that with effect from 28.7.2010 have been unified into a single Global contract called Steel Billet


Training courses and studies on "Hedging techniques" characterized by great practicality and effectiveness

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